White Masterbatch, Benefits and Uses

White Masterbatch certainly isn’t a new concept, or Masterbatch as a whole for that matter. When the plastics industry really took off back in the 60s, colours were relatively limited to blacks, whites, greys etc. This actually didn’t change much until the 70s when the masterbatch industry introduced a whole cocktail of available colours, changing the way we saw plastics forever. This doesn’t take away from the fact that, in terms of importance to the plastics industry, white and black masterbatch are top of the pile.

What is White Masterbatch?

A masterbatch is a solid or liquid additive used for colouring and adding properties to plastics, for more information on MBs in general check out Types of Masterbatch and Their Individual Uses. On-trend with all other types, white Masterbatch is used in a variety of applications to give plastic its colour and properties. Some being:

White MB provides a sleek, blank look to your plastics with some longevity due its great properties, including; a superior dispersion, maintaining chemical stability and excellent pigmentation.
Here at AbbeyMB we can produce and supply white masterbatch to suit your needs, by combining the right carrier resin and stabilizers with TiO2 grades based on your requirements, we will provide only the best quality masterbatch for your application.


We’ve already mentioned various uses for white MB, but why use it over its various counterparts? This masterbatch has an abundance of benefits to its use:

Its high quality also means that white MB is perfect for blow moulding and injection, more-so than its coloured counterparts. It’s fair to say that, as a whole, masterbatches have helped the plastics industry grow to new heights, the amazing beneficial properties of MB improve the performance and looks of our everyday products. With white being one of the most widely used today, it’s easy to see why our product line increased!
If you’re looking for a top-quality white masterbatch you’re in the right place! Get in contact for more information on our products or to make an order. Also, while you’re here, you can check our various other blogs, including information regarding black and coloured masterbatch and pigment dispersions.